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Paihia waterfront to receive $8m makeover

Maori Television

The Paihia waterfront in the Bay of Islands is to receive a makeover with more than $8 million in funding from the government. The Bay of Islands is the cornerstone of Northland tourism and Paihia the hub for maritime-based tourism and recreation in the area.

Twyford believes government changes will lead to urban intensification

National Business Review

Supporting Audio Phil Twyford Urban development minister Phil Twyford may have been burnt by the KiwiBuild debacle, but he is confident the government’s latest initiatives will help alleviate the housing crisis. Twyford said new laws making it easier to fund infrastructure and making urban development agency Kāinga Ora a one-stop shop for large developments, plus a new national policy statement directing councils to free up their consenting processes, would give housing developments a boost.

RMA should be scrapped

Waikato Times

Byline: Thomas Coughlan Section: News > National On Page: 6 The Resource Management Act, one of New Zealand's most controversial laws, looks set to be scrapped and replaced with two separate pieces of legislation to streamline development.

Taking the slow road

Dominion Post

Byline: Joel Maxwell Section: News > National On Page: 1 Completion of the final $330 million section of the Kapiti Expressway - part of an asphalt chain including Transmission Gully - has probably been pushed back by another year.

The end of the Resource Management Act is nigh

EDITORIAL: You won’t find many people mourning at the graveside of the Resource Management Act (RMA) when it is finally replaced. Its death may come sooner rather than later. A report commissioned by Environment Minister David Parker has recommended repealing the RMA entirely rather than tinkering with it, and recommends two new laws that cover distinct tasks of the RMA.

Health Minister announces when New Zealand's 'largest hospital building' will open to patients

Christchurch Hospital Hagley features a helipad and a link with Christchurch Women’s Hospital, on the right. Patients will be treated in a $525 million Christchurch Hospital building from November, more than two years after the building was meant to open.

Regional NZ has good questions as to why KiwiRail forgot them in Covid recovery

Dominion Post

The view of the Rangitikei River carving a path through sandstone cliffs is one of the highlights of a train trip on the Northern Explorer. OPINION: Something strange has happened. Everyone agrees New Zealand needs a better rail system, yet it appears to be getting worse.

Driverless cars 'should be included in Hamilton's future planning'

Self-driving or robot-controlled cars take many forms in science fiction, such as this publicity still from the film Total Recall shows. However it won't too many more decades before science fiction becomes science fact on the streets of Hamilton, the city's deputy mayor Geoff Taylor reckons.

RMA Reform Proposals: What You Need to Know


Passed in 1991, the Resource Management Act was revolutionary at the time and the creature of a pioneering legislator, Geoffrey Palmer. It placed ‘sustainable development’ at the heart of new law that was intended to govern land use, resource development and environmental protection, focusing on a range of environmental ‘bottom lines’ and a desire to control the adverse environmental effects of human activity.