About the pipeline

Iterative Pipeline Development

Work began to develop the Infrastructure Pipeline in 2019, providing a solid foundation that the Infrastructure Commission will build on and refine. The aim is that all central government agencies, as well as most local government agencies, will be represented in the pipeline over time. Later, private sector projects will also be added. The Commission is taking a phased approach to this work because it is complex and there’s a need for better quality infrastructure data.

Building the pipeline

Criteria for Inclusion

At present, the Infrastructure Commission, Te Waihanga welcomes information about public sector infrastructure projects being planned, this includes central and local government agencies. Contributors are responsible for determining what is disclosed, the accuracy of the information provided and its fitness for purpose and publication. Please contact the Commission to discuss including your organisation’s projects. 

Reliability of Data

There are a multitude of parties in the infrastructure sector. Many use different naming conventions, have different methods of project phasing and will have projects at different levels of approval and stages of completion. The Commission will help to address data integrity issues as it seeks to amalgamate information from multiple sources. The data behind the pipeline will be updated quarterly and dynamically as significant projects are announced. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, important caveats should be noted.  

Commitment to Projects

While a level of certainty is signalled by being on the pipeline, final approvals may be needed by Cabinet, Ministers, or at board and executive level, before a project actually comes to market.  This will depend on project risk and value. The current phase of each project is noted in the project detail.   

Comparison with other Pipelines

There are various infrastructure pipelines already in existence in New Zealand however, these are specific to an agency (eg NZTA(external link)), or a region (eg Auckland(external link)). The Australia New Zealand Infrastructure Pipeline(external link) is supported by the Commission and will benefit from the information we gather for the New Zealand Infrastructure Pipeline.

A comparison between the Infrastructure Pipeline produced by the Commission and other pipelines is outlined in the table below:

  Jurisdiction Frequency Pipeline Threshold Investment Types Presentation Strengths
NZIC Prototype New Zealand Quarterly* No Threshold Infrastructure Investment Filterable view with Pipeline Gantt Chart Downloadable open format data
ANZIP New Zealand and Australia Dynamic $100 million Major Infrastructure Investment Interactive and Filterable High level Geo Tagged project data
Infrastructure NSW New South Wales, Australia Annually $50 million Major Infrastructure Investment Static PDF Report and Interactive Table Detailed project overviews
Infrastructure Victoria Victoria, Australia Infrequently $5 million Major Infrastructure Investment Static PDF Report Detailed project overviews aligned to draft infrastructure plan
Building Queensland Queensland, Australia Dynamic $50 million Major Infrastructure Investment Interactive and Filterable Informative analysis accompanied by Geo Tagged project data
MBIE, National Construction Pipeline New Zealand Annually No Threshold Horizontal and Vertical Construction Static PDF Report Informative detailed report on outlook for construction sector
Infometrics Infrastructure Pipeline New Zealand Dynamic No Threshold Infrastructure Investment Interactive and Filterable Detailed project overviews and analysis broken down regionally
NZTA Project Pipeline New Zealand Ad Hoc No Threshold Transport Interactive and Filterable High level project information aligned to Agency procurement pipeline
Global Infrastructure Pipeline Global Dynamic $250 million Major Infrastructure Investment Filterable Dashboard with Searchable against jurisdiction with high level project information and downloadable data