Projects in a region

The Commission, NZDF and Palmerston North City Council have formed a partnership to develop a Manawatu Regional Pipeline. This initiative aims to increase coordination and collaboration between the main infrastructure asset owners in the region.

In addition to the sponsors, the Department of Corrections, New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA), KiwiRail, Massey University, MidCentral District Health Board, Manawatu District Council, PowerCo, the Central Economic Development Agency and Kāinga Ora are involved in the project.

The first of four phases has now been completed, with the provision of project data for the pipeline. The data suggests that there is an estimated $2.5 billion of investment in the Manawatu region likely over the next 10 years. This does not include private investment.

The next phase of work will further develop the Manawatu Regional Pipeline with a focus on how to collaborate and improve planning and coordination. The Commission, Te Waihanga wants to explore the value in expanding the pipeline to include credibly proposed intentions (i.e. pre-business case phase) as well those that are ‘credible and committed’. It’s thought that that being able to see all the project intentions across the region could increase the opportunities arising from working together.

In the third phase the Commission will use the regional picture to engage with the market. There’s a need to test the market’s capacity to deliver the Manawatu Regional Pipeline as well as get feedback on the value in providing a regional picture. It is important to gain a better understanding of how to match supply with demand, including materials and workforce. At the end of the process, the Commission will prepare a case study which it is hoped can be applied to other regions.