What is the strategy?

Te Waihanga is developing a draft 30-year infrastructure strategy, which will be tabled in Parliament in late 2021. This strategy will provide decision makers with a basis for bold reform and policy change, informed by independent, evidence-based analysis.   

The strategy will: 

  • Assess the overall fitness for purpose of New Zealand’s infrastructure system
  • Determine how well the current system is working 
  • Identify priorities 
  • Identify barriers to good outcomes 
  • Identify the root cause of systemic issues 
  • Determine how best to meet future community expectations 
  • Use foresight planning to consider a range of future possibilities. 

Te Waihanga will be working with central and local government, the private sector, iwi and other stakeholders to develop the strategy. This will help us build consensus on a long-term vision for infrastructure and the outcomes that New Zealand wants to achieve. The strategy will replace the government’s current 30 year plan(external link).

The plan will take long-term trends into account, such as:

  • Climate change
  • New technologies
  • Demographic change.

It will focus on strategic issues for infrastructure, rather than individual projects.